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I go beyond the basic sales tactics to add an emotional layer that will increase your overall ROI, your closing rates and customer stickiness. I’ll work with your sales team on incorporating Emotional Relevance into every communication with your customers and prospects.


I will help craft your approach, mood and language for email, online interactions, crucial face-to-face meetings, a sales presentation to the C-level executives or a hand over call to the Account Manager.


At every touch-point, there should be a bit of an emotional element to build trust which ultimately results in better relationships with your customers and a bigger ROI from your sales team.



  The Basics 

I’ll start with my 3-step recipe for establishing Emotional Relevance then conduct a short series of online or face-to-face sessions to implement new terminology for you and your team that utilizes basic psychology and human behavior to your advantage at every touch-point during your sales cycle. I’ll cover how to use Emotionally Relevant terms and behaviors when on the phone with a prospect, in a follow up email, or during a presentation in front of a room full of buyers. Add this powerful tool to give your team that different edge. This methodology doesn’t replace your existing sales methodology, but rather enhances and extends it.


Being there

When I managed sales teams, I always wished I could have someone on my team to improve the "small" things. Tweaking a pitch with the right message in order to get the desired reaction, editing just one last slide for a presentation, coming up with the right opener for that critical meeting or shaping that follow up email so it hits home and demands a response. After the initial understanding of the Emotional Relevance elements, I will serve as your sales team’s go-to resource, your on-demand sales consultant. Chat, speak, write and consult. Think of it as online office hours. I am there whenever they need me to fully implement the Emotionally Relevant methodology. This will allow your sales team to be consistent with HOW they are communicating on an ongoing basis as a team and will allow you, the sales manager, to focus on managing, directing and strategizing.

Live Show Dancing


Virtual or IRL. If you need a specific boost before an important presentation and want me to go through the whole thing with you, prepare your Emotional “WOW” message, the visuals or the presentation itself. Rehearse the pitch with your sales team making sure everyone who presents knows exactly the right pain-point to hit, the right "persona" to win over on the customer side and the relevant part of the story to tell. If you want to make sure that your customer FEELS it, remembers it, then you have to craft your message using the emotional relevance experience. If you want to increase your chances of closing the deal, I will be there, preparing you through the subtleties of your entire sales process. ​

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