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People ask me - what is Emotional Relevance®...?

Usually when I have a more intimate chance to talk one-on-one with someone, I go into the psychology and the personal experience of it. But how about I just walk you through what emotional relevance is step by step. First, I want to take you back to one of your personal experiences.

Think for a second about your first kiss. Remember when you opened that school acceptance letter and the joy you had. Go back for a second to that moment when you found out a loved one passed, when you scored that first game winning shot, or when you won a significant trophy. Think where you were when you experienced that. Take a second and think about your surroundings, the time of the day, and who was there with you. I guarantee that you vividly remember all those details. And why is that? It’s because when we go through an emotional experience, it is engraved in our minds even if it happened a long time ago. It’s there.

If I ask you what you had for breakfast last have no clue.

If it was a positive, happy memory that gave you joy, a rush, I know you would love to experience it again. And what I just did is trigger those emotions you felt back then all over again.

Still emotional. Still relevant.....boom.

Now imagine you could initiate and control this same emotional experience for your customers. Your colleagues. Your vendors.

Pretty powerful.

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