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I will make you and your team more empowered, motivated, and passionate.

I will teach you how to get more personal through different channels of communication (emails, online pitches, face to face meetings) in order to drive more sales and have higher customer retention. I can speak at your events and move your people to think, to feel, to be challenged. I escort executives while preparing them for their next important conversation with their customers, or even their upcoming interview. I clear the corporate noise for you and help you focus on the people, their needs and getting to the next level.

Try me! I I dare you



I have years of documented sales success through acquiring new customers and expansions of existing customers. I have sold services and technologies in the tens of millions of dollars to top brands and organizations. Through the years, I have added many customers to the database but more importantly, many of my customers have become true friends.


Bottom line, I offer you an edge to selling that many people shy away from. Being emotional means allowing yourself to become vulnerable. Most people skip that step.

Essentially, what we promote is trust, and trust is a relationship based on emotions and relevancy. 



Ever since summer camp in 5th grade, when I stood in front of the entire camp and made them all laugh, I knew deep down that my calling is to touch people emotionally. Offer a hug. An emotional hug.

Years later, trying to pay for my bachelor’s degree in NYC, I was working as a tour guide, and every time I got to speak to a group and saw how they responded to me, I just knew…

When I get on stage, it all connects, I feel alive, I feel I'm the real me, I feel the passion through the crowd's reaction, their faces, their body language. I feel inspired and that energy radiates around the room.

“I’ve seen many speakers in my career and Alon Zaibert is definitely up there in my “must see” category.”

James Miguel - Director of Sponsorship at Worldwide Business Research



Yes, I sing too! Just like when I speak, I simply LOVE taking the audience through an emotional ride that inspires them, that triggers an emotional memory. I make them FEEL!! I make them act, learn, smile or simply sing along. For me, and for them, it is yet another form of a virtual hug. 

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