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And all the Jazz

Had an issue with my phone. Called T-Mobile, who gave it a shot, twice, then they gave up and had to get an Apple rep on the phone. Do this, try that they said and if it doesn't work call us back.

It didn't work. I called them back. A quick 3 round fight with the automated service and I am being transferred to a real human. As the automated service being defeated by a KO, now transferring me, I hear the following:

"We are going to put you on hold while we are getting you to a specialist who can assist. While you are waiting you can choose which type of music you can listen to. For classical music click 1, for contemporary music click 2 and for Jazz click 3. If you prefer not to hear any music while you wait simply stay on the line".

WAIT WHAT????? Did I hear this correctly?? Apple is asking me what kind of music I prefer??

So you are not in suspense I selected number 3 - Jazz.

1. Apple is telling me (and the back of our mind) - we are thinking of YOU - our customer

2. We want YOU to FEEL comfortable, relaxed while you are waiting

3. We are taking you through an emotional experience - this way, and we are certain to give you a positive one, next time you hear Jazz music you will think of......that's right....Apple.


Oh, and number 4. I wouldn't be surprised if they are collecting the data as to my musical preferences and will offer me Jazz music next time I call...

You see, that cycle of relationship, of emotional triggering and experiencing is that Emotional anchoring and triggering I am referring to time and again.

Set that emotional anchor and then you can trigger it again and again.

“One day I caught myself smiling for no reason, then I realized I was thinking of you.” — Rahul

A former boss of mine once taught me and I keep going back to it - make them FEEL as if they are your ONLY customer. Just like Apple - show your customers you are thinking of THEM. When you call them, when you email them, add a personal element. Take them through an emotional experience so you can trigger that experience on your next communication with them. This way you will also be able to know more about them and create another emotional cycle and another.

The Apple specialist eventually got on. We talked for a minute. Then he put me on hold for a few minutes. Guess what type of music was playing in the background without me choosing this time.....

That's right - Jazz.

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1 Comment

Gajanan Aiyer
Gajanan Aiyer
Apr 07, 2020

Superb, Alon. You have described Customer Centricity in this story. Apple has an overwhelming commitment to customer centricity and takes every customer touchpoint as an opportunity to demonstrate that commitment.

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