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Through my years of experience I learned that the personal touch, that emotional instillment I keep referring to, is the essence of what I do. It is the basis of every successful relationship.
My approach is pretty straight forward - BUILD TRUST.


You have to do this whether you sell sophisticated solutions or technology that requires long sales cycles, implementation and ramping up. If you sell to the C-Suite or your customer success managers are struggling with expansions, you must build a relationship and develop trust. This is where I come in. I walk you and your team through a well-established process that has an emotional layer on top of your already existing sales process. This layer will boost your team's confidence, increase retention and result in higher customer satisfaction.


My 3 main offerings include:


The Human Basics - this course will add another element to your sales and customer success bag of tricks. This relatively short process will give your team some additional tips and guidelines in order to increase customer response rates and significantly grow the insight level of what's really going on with your customers. 


The Emotional Boost - this added feature to your sales process touches the human side of the selling relationship. This practice touches vulnerability, openness, interpersonal communication and other human characteristics that help when selling.  


The End-to-End - this is my complete process of taking the salesperson/team through the preparation of the pain points, the personalities, story line, the internal buy-in (project management) and illustrating the presentation itself.


I work directly with the head of sales/customer success and teach them to implement this system. I also work with the actual sales team and escort them through the process. Each of my programs is tailored to your specific corporate language, sales cycle and line of service. 


"appreciate you coming and talking to us about Emotional Relevance and I feel I learned a lot from your presentation"



" this Wednesday night, you gave us a presentation about nailing interviews with emotional relevance. I applied what I learned to the next day Invitational. It was helpful. Thank you very much!"

“there is no way you will miss Alon - he makes a big impression on any audience”


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